Socratic Ventures Portfolio


College Consortium (Austin, TX)

College Consortium is bringing the sharing economy to higher education.  Colleges are increasingly being held accountable for outcomes while having fewer resources to address the problem.  Students finish less and borrow more because colleges lack on-demand capacity to get them the courses they need when they need it.  Yet, there are tens of millions of seats online and growing, many of which are empty.  Why don’t we make them available to schools who can’t get students what they need? Even better, why don’t we build them exactly what they need? College Consortium’s academic sharing platform (ASP) does just that.  CC brings capacity and new revenue to colleges so they keep students on track.  CC's ASP manages a marketplace for colleges to academic share courses and tuition B2B, like airlines code-share to better serve customers without building capacity.  

Socratic Ventures incubated and ultimately co-founded College Consortium in 2015 and 2016 based on a belief that the factory of college needed the technology to adapt to the needs of today's learner in real time.  


MeasureOne (San Francisco, CA)

MeasureOne makes sense of how education data relates to economic outcomes for students, schools, degree programs, lenders, insurance companies, etc.  After careers spent in mortgage data analytics and consumer lending, the MeasureOne team has spent years applying their skills to building the data assets, analytical tools, proprietary scores and technology assets to fundamentally understand how what someone does in school does or doesn't relate to to a better life later.  

Socratic Ventures led MeasureOne's first institutional round in 2015, after many years working with the founding team informally, once we started to see the power of what accessing academic data could do.


Meritize (Frisco, TX)

Meritize is making student loans as they ought to be made.  Meritize is an academic lender founded on the principle that students who succeed inside the classroom are more likely to succeed outside the classroom, including paying their loans on time and in full.  Meritize looks beyond traditional credit scores and taps into student academic data offer financing where it otherwise can't be found, making smarter loans that empower borrowers on the path to success. 

Socratic Ventures invested to help launch Meritize in 2017 believing student loans should be available based on who a student can be, not just what a credit score says about who she or her parents/grandparents are today.  

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Vault (Austin, TX)

Vault is a student loan benefits platform, providing employers with enterprise-grade tools to help employees pay down their student loans faster and achieve debt defiance. Vault is uncompromising in our approach to provide unbiased guidance that is free of conflict and proprietary product sales. Vault is the only battle-tested provider focused on offering sophisticated, secure and scalable student loan repayment solutions to employees. In working with companies of all sizes, from New York Life and Ralph Lauren to Mastercard and Pinterest, Vault builds stronger, mutually beneficial relationships between employers and employees that measurably improve talent acquisition and employee retention.

Socratic Ventures co-founded Vault in 2013 because someone should have already built this business and we wanted to see a company break down the wall.