Our Team


Joshua Pierce

After starting my career in the standard parts of Wall Street (Salomon Smith Barney and the Riverside Company), I went to work in charter schools (Edison Schools) and found a calling.  Building sustainable education businesses around effective outcome models is what I've spent 13 years doing.  Over time that evolved to doing more in and around higher education, in particular in the areas of how colleges can better address today's learner through technology as well as how people can or can't pay for the credentials they need to improve their lives.  I started Socratic Ventures in 2010 to work with bona fide education entrepreneurs and to help them construct sustainable, scalable businesses to effect lasting change in the world.   

Harvard Business School
Texas A&M


Randall Macon
Operating Partner

I spent the early years out of college working in startups focusing on the intersection of art and technology. In the early 2000, I led the development of LeapFrog Toys Internet-connected adaptive learning product line. That experience opened up an amazing opportunity to lead the creation and launch of the the LIVESTRONG brand and educational platform for cancer survivors. Over the years I have had the privilege of developing innovation products for a broad spectrum of education companies from the K-12 space to a one of a kind mentoring platform for a nationally ranked MBA program in entrepreneurship. Socratic Ventures is truly a unique organization that is driving scalable impact in the education space unlike any other.

Baylor University


Luis Felipe Rincon
Entrepreneur In Residence (EIR)

Equal parts product developer and business builder. I ensure the consumer ultimately wins by building user-centric, scalable solutions to address problems in massive markets. I’ve spent the last two years at Socratic Ventures doing so in higher ed. After starting my career in real estate and consumer lending, I became a principal at a university tech startup accelerator, and worked with local venture capitalists and entrepreneurs. In 2011, I joined BuildASign, a high-growth e-commerce startup, focusing on growing the company through product and corporate development. In 2014, I co-founded Wearables.com and grew it into a leading destination for consumer wearable technology. I joined Socratic Ventures to incubate and launch College Consortium, and provide product and corporate development insights to the fund. Socratic Ventures is bringing disruption to new and established markets in higher ed, using technology as the agent to that disruption.

The University of Texas School of Law
Pepperdine University


Stephanie Gantos
Investing Partner

I began my career as a consumer and education investor at a growth stage private equity firm (LLR Partners). It was there I found my passion for working with innovative companies solving real problems within the education industry. I left the firm to be a part of the founding team of UniversityNow, a low cost, accredited online university. From there, I joined Degreed, a learning experience platform and credentialing company in the corporate learning and development space. I built and lead the finance and operations team from pre-revenue to over three million users. I joined Socratic Ventures so that I could work with founders and operators who are looking to have a positive impact on society through tackling structural problems within the education industry.

University of Pennsylvania